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Sector: Energy

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The sector Energy includes the following subsectors:

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Oil

Energy supply is a key area of Critical Infrastructures which, in cases of failure or disruption, directly affects other sectors to the extreme and thus the state, economy and society (see also: domino or cascade effect / interdependencies).

Example: If the power supply to a region fails, almost all private customers are without light, telephone and Internet. But mobile phone towers (sector: Information technology and telecommunications) and radio stations (sector: Media and culture) may also be affected. Private companies and the public sector indeed sometimes have emergency generators, but these also need fuel (sector: energy) which must be replenished when necessary (sector: Transport and traffic). If no emergency generators are available, or as soon as the fuel is consumed, companies, water plants (sector: Water), hospitals (sector: Health), banks (sector: Finance and insurance industry) and public institutions (sector: Government and public administration) can no longer function or only work in a very limited manner.

In case of massive supply disruptions, which can never be ruled out completly, such as a prolonged and large-scale power outage (as happened in Münsterland - Germany in 2005 or New York - USA in 2003), appropriate prevention and response measures must be identified to keep the extent and consequences of such an event as low as possible and to reduce the vulnerability of society.

Furthermore, existing weaknesses and vulnerabilities must be identified and taking into account the resulting risk . At the same time, adequate and generally applicable safety requirements must be formulated and, if possible, specific measures to reduce existing vulnerabilities must be suggested. For this purpose, e.g. the guide "Installation and Operation of an Emergency Power Supply” was created.

In the event of immediate danger or disruption of the energy supply, the federal government has adopted (all of the following links are in german):

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