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Partners in Critical Infrastructure Protection

Important organisations entrusted with the protection of Critical Infrastructures

Critical Infrastructure Protection is, due to the complexity and breadth of the issue, a networking task involving diverse bodies at various levels. We have therefore provided an overview of various stakeholders :

  • Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) - The Federal Ministry of the Interior is the Department responsible for internal security in Germany. It coordinates and supervises all activities of its subordinate agencies (including BBK and BSI).

  • Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK) - The BBK performs the tasks of civil protection and disaster relief. It develops preventive measures and policies designed to protect the population in case of a catastrophe. In addition, it is responsible for diverse projects focusing on the protection of critical infrastructures.

  • Providers - The providers of critical infrastructures are the companies and organisations who own these infrastructures and whose primary concern is to ensure their secure operation. These include, for example, energy suppliers or transport companies.

  • Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) - BSI is the central IT security service provider of the German Federal Government. The BSI is therefore responsible for the protection of critical information infrastructures at the federal level.The BSI is not only responsible for the very IT-centric sector of Information technology and telecommunications (ICT) but also for the sector of finance and insurance industry. The BSI is pursuing various approaches in its projects which you will find in the section Activities.

  • Federal States (Bundesländer) - The 16 individual states within Germany are responsible for the civil protection within their own state. Thereby, diverse connections are also established with the respective local Critical Infrastructures.

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